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Overview / Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof-solph) (oemof.solph)
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Open Source
License MIT
Framework Name Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof-solph)
Acronym oemof.solph
Contact (e-mail)
Current contact person Caroline Möller, Patrik Schönfeldt
Institution(s) Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI), HSFL, DLR, EUF, OvGU
Geographical Scope Global, Regional, National, Local/community
Sectoral Scope Electricity, Heat/Cooling
General Problem Scope Forecasting, Exploring, Back casting
Specific Problem Scope Energy demand, Energy supply, Integrated approach, Modular build-up, Energy dispatch, Capacity expansion planning, Unit commitment, Sector-coupling
Inital purpose Have a flexible, general purpose open source toolbox that supports working in different scientific energy system modelling projects.
Inital purpose change -
Research questions
Inital Release Date 2016-01-01
Parent Framework -
Version Version 0.5.1
Source of funding volunteers / public
Programming Framework Python, Pyomo
External Solver CPLEX, Gurobi, Coin-Or CBC, GLPK, Pyomo supported solvers
Input Data Format Python dicts, XLSX, CSV, db, OEP
Auto model generator
data preprocessing
Output Data Format Python dicts, CSV, txt, db, OEP
data postprocessing collecting, grouping, easy access
plotting functionalities
The analytical approach Top Down, Bottom up, Hybrid
Additional software
interfaces -
The mathematical approach Mixed integer programming, Linear Programming
The underlying methodology Optimization, Spatial (GIS), Spreadsheet/Toolbox, Back casting
Objective function type Minimize Total System Cost
Open Source
License MIT
Code availability
Data availability -
Data provided example data
Open to developers
Support Forum, Community, Workshop, Model Examples
Link to User Documentation {}
Installation guide
Link to installation guide -
Link to code documentation
Skills basic Python Programming, Energy Systems Modelling, Command Line Interface
Skills advanced -
Fixed units
Renewable Technology Inclusion Hydro, Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Biomass
Storage Technology Inclusion Pumped-hydro energy storage, Battery energy storage, Compressed-air energy storage
Transport Demand Battery-electric vehicles, Vehicle-to-grid electric vehicles
Residential Demand Heating
Commercial Demand -
Agricultural demand
Grid model Single-node model, Transhipment model, Linear optimal power flow
Cost Inclusion Fuel prices, Investment, Variable Operation & Maintenance, CO2 cost
New components
Variable time step
Variable rolling
Commonly used time step Hourly
Commonly modelled time horizon Short term (<= 5 years), long term (>=15)
Reference Studies/Models
Citation reference
Citation -
Projects using the framework open_FRED, oemof_heat, QUARRE100, EnaQ, GRECO, FlexMex, ANGUS II
Model usage The framework is currently developed and applied by the author institutions as well as additional institutions like (EURAC (developing an italian model); Beuth Hochschule (heating system models); Bremen University (Master theses);...)


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