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Overview / EnergyPRO (EnergyPRO)
Name EnergyPRO
Acronym EnergyPRO
Methodical Focus None
Institution(s) EMD International A/S
Author(s) (institution, working field, active time period)
Current contact person Aira Hast
Contact (e-mail)
Primary Purpose Optimization of co- and trigeneration projects
Primary Outputs For example which plants are running (and when), produced heat (and electricity) by plant, production costs, revenues from electricity sales
Support / Community / Forum
Link to User Documentation -
Link to Developer/Code Documentation -
Documentation quality expandable
Source of funding -
Number of developers -
Number of users -
Open Source
Planned to open up in the future
Costs -
Modelling software -
Internal data processing software
External optimizer
Additional software
Modeled energy sectors (final energy) electricity, heat
Modeled demand sectors -
Modeled technologies: components for power generation or conversion
Renewables -
Conventional -
Modeled technologies: components for transfer, infrastructure or grid
Electricity -
Gas -
Heat -
Properties electrical grid -
Modeled technologies: components for storage -
User behaviour and demand side management
Changes in efficiency
Market models -
Geographical coverage
Geographic (spatial) resolution -
Time resolution hour, user-defined
Comment on geographic (spatial) resolution
Observation period 1 year
Additional dimensions (sector) -
Model class (optimisation) -
Model class (simulation) -
Short description of mathematical model class
Mathematical objective costs
Approach to uncertainty -
Suited for many scenarios / monte-carlo
typical computation time less than an hour
Typical computation hardware RAM, CPU
Technical data anchored in the model -
Model file format .epp
Input data file format .epw
Output data file format .csv
Integration with other models
Integration of other models
Citation reference -
Citation DOI -
Reference Studies/Models -
Example research questions -
Model usage -
Model validation -
Example research questions -
further properties
Model specific properties -


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