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Overview / Landscape Ecological Assessment Tool (LEcA Tool)
Name Landscape Ecological Assessment Tool
Acronym LEcA Tool
Methodical Focus None
Institution(s) KTH-LWR; KTH-SEED
Author(s) (institution, working field, active time period) Ulla Mörtberg, Xi Pang, Renats Trubins
Current contact person Ulla Mörtberg
Contact (e-mail)
Primary Purpose Integrated Impact Assessment including ecosystem services
Primary Outputs Joint assessment of five ecosystem service indices: bioenergy potential, industrial wood production, carbon storge, recreation value, and habitat value
Support / Community / Forum
Link to User Documentation {}
Link to Developer/Code Documentation -
Documentation quality expandable
Source of funding -
Number of developers less than 10
Number of users -
Open Source
Planned to open up in the future
Costs -
Modelling software Python, Matlab, R
Internal data processing software Matlab, R
External optimizer
Additional software ArcGIS, QGIS
Modeled energy sectors (final energy) -
Modeled demand sectors -
Modeled technologies: components for power generation or conversion
Renewables -
Conventional -
Modeled technologies: components for transfer, infrastructure or grid
Electricity -
Gas -
Heat -
Properties electrical grid -
Modeled technologies: components for storage -
User behaviour and demand side management
Changes in efficiency
Market models -
Geographical coverage
Geographic (spatial) resolution regions, municipalities
Time resolution 10 years
Comment on geographic (spatial) resolution Spatial resolution from 25 m - 1 km or user defined
Observation period >1 year, user-defined
Additional dimensions (sector) -
Model class (optimisation) -
Model class (simulation) -
Short description of mathematical model class
Mathematical objective -
Approach to uncertainty -
Suited for many scenarios / monte-carlo
typical computation time less than a second
Typical computation hardware RAM
Technical data anchored in the model -
Model file format .txt, .py, .r
Input data file format .m
Output data file format .m
Integration with other models
Integration of other models OSeMOSYS is used as a modelling tool in the model and is one of the part. Model has ability to run OSeMOSYS n times with different scenarios
Citation reference "• Augutis J., Martišauskas L., Krikštolaitis R. Energy mix optimization from an energy security perspective ( // Energy Conversion and Management. ISSN 0196-8904. 2015. Vol. 90, p. 300–314 • Martišauskas L. OSeMOSYS model application for disturbed energy system modelling // 9th annual conference of young scientists on energy issues CYSENI 2012: international conference, Kaunas, Lithuania, 24-25 May, 2012. Kaunas : LEI, 2012. ISSN 1822-7554, p. 323-335."
Citation DOI 10.1016/j.enconman.2014.11.033
Reference Studies/Models "National research programme “Future Energy” projects: • Investigation of Lithuanian Energy Security and Assessment of Energy Security Level (2012-2014). • Development of Methodology for Energy Security Analysis and Integrated Security Level Assessment” (2010-2011). "
Example research questions -
Model usage -
Model validation -
Example research questions -
further properties
Model specific properties -


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